Ford Ranger Raptor 2023+ Grille Kit Triple-R 850

For a top-tier auxiliary spotlight setup that matches OE standards, the Lazer Grille Integration Kits come equipped with tailor-made mounting brackets, enabling a seamless installation of Lazer High Performance LED Spotlights directly into the front grille of popular road vehicles, pick-up trucks, and light commercial vehicles. Crafted to harmonize flawlessly with each vehicle’s original design, the resulting lighting system maintains full durability and security.

Tailored specifically for 2023 model year Ford Rangers, the kit features a pair of Triple-R 850 High Performance LED driving lights along with a wiring kit. It also includes four precision-engineered brackets designed to fit snugly into the vehicle’s standard center grille, bolstered by self-tapping (plastic) screws for added stability. Constructed from a high-strength composite material renowned for its exceptional durability and UV resistance, these brackets are fully weather and chemical resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Complementing the mounting brackets are cutting guides that simplify installation, guaranteeing a precise fit every time without the need to remove any grille or bumper components.

The Ford Ranger Raptor (2023+) Grille Integration Kit is meticulously engineered to pair seamlessly with Triple-R 850 High Performance LED Spotlights. Please note that our warranty does not cover grille mounts used with non-Lazer Lamps branded products.


  • Triple-R 850
  • Triple-R 850 Elite
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Ford Ranger Raptor 2023+ Grille Kit Triple-R 850

The Lazer Grille Triple-R 850 Integration Kit – your go-to solution for a top-notch, auxiliary spotlight setup that seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s front grille. These kits are engineered to provide OE quality, ensuring a snug fit and easy installation for a range of popular road cars, pick-up trucks, and light commercial vehicles.

Let’s take a closer look at the Ford Ranger Raptor kit tailored specifically for model year 2023 vehicles. This kit includes a pair of Triple-R 850 High Performance LED driving lights, complete with a wiring kit for hassle-free setup. What sets it apart is the inclusion of four precision-engineered brackets designed to perfectly align with the standard centre grille of the Ranger Raptor. These brackets are reinforced with self-tapping plastic screws for added strength and security.

Crafted from a high-strength composite material, these brackets boast excellent durability and UV stability, ensuring they withstand the elements year after year. Worried about the installation process? Fear not! Each kit comes with cutting guides to facilitate a seamless fit without the need to remove any grille or bumper parts.

It’s important to note that these integration kits are optimized for use with Triple-R 850 High Performance LED Spotlights. While we stand by the quality of our products, our warranty specifically covers grille mounts fitted with Lazer Lamps’ branded spotlights.

Product Features

  • Bespoke vehicle integration kit for Lazer LED Spotlight installation
  • Custom fit for Ford Ranger Raptor (MY 2023)
  • Available with: Triple-R 850 High Performance LED Spotlights
  • Added option for integrated white and amber backlight function (white only approved for on-road use – Standard model only)
  • Kit also includes bespoke mounting brackets and two-lamp wiring kit
  • Cutting guides included
  • Brackets made from high strength, UV -stable, composite material
  • Fully road-legal
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Britain

Technical Specifications

850 Elite
(E-Boost Mode)
Triple-R 850
Voltage Range (DC) 10-32V 10-32V
LED Life 50,000 hrs 50,000 hrs
Weight 2.6 kg 2.6 kg
Total Luminous Flux 16136 Lm 13860 Lm
Total Driver ‘FOV’ Flux † 10634 Lm 8358 Lm
Colour Temperature 5000K 5000K
Number of High Output LEDs 2 x 6 2 x 6
Power Consumption 146 Watts 132 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 10.2 Amps 9.2 Amps
High Beam ECE R112 ECE R112
ECE Reference N/A
(17.5 x2 – E-Mark Mode)
45 x2
Position Light (White only) N/A ECE R7
Horizontal Beam Angle 42° 19°
0.25 lx Line 1643m 1500m
0.5 lx Line 1162m 1061m
1 lx Line 822m 750m
3 lx Line 474m 433m

Driver FOV flux is a measure of effective lumens taking consideration of the amount of light in a driver’s ‘field-of-view’ defined as an area +/- 45o left/right, and +/- 10o up/down.

Installation Service

Our team of experts at CBS Automotive in Cambridge specializes in a wide array of automotive projects, including the integration of Lazer Lamps kits. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of automotive upgrades, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. With our personalized assistance, you can rest assured that your Lazer Lamps Integration Kit will be seamlessly installed, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. Don’t let installation challenges deter you from enhancing your vehicle’s capabilities – reach out to us today and let our expertise elevate your automotive experience. Don’t delay, contact us now to discover how we can transform your vision into reality!

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Lighting Options

Triple-R 850, Triple-R 850 Elite


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