Ford Ranger 2016-2022 Bumper Beam Mounting Kit

Lazer Lamps kit for Ford Ranger (2016-2022) effortlessly mounts class-leading Linear-18 LED lights into the grille, ensuring outstanding illumination for day and night driving. With E-mark certification, it seamlessly connects to the vehicle’s electrical system for activation alongside high beams. Quick and secure installation with anti-theft features, plus a 5-year warranty, guarantee long-lasting performance.

What’s included:

  • x2 Bumper Beam Brackets
  • Fixtures


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Ford Ranger 2016-2022 Bumper Beam Mounting Kit

The Auxiliary Spotlight Installation for Ford Ranger (2016-2022), featuring our Bumper Beam Mounting Kit! This kit is specifically designed for seamless integration with the Ford Ranger, allowing you to effortlessly install our top-notch Linear-18 lights for enhanced visibility on and off the road.

Our mounting system is optimised for the Linear-18 series, including Standard, Elite, Elite with i-LBA, or Elite+. By securely attaching to your vehicle’s bumper beam bar, you can enjoy added peace of mind knowing that your lights are firmly in place.

To complement your installation, we offer vehicle wiring kits and CANbus Interfaces, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Plus, rest assured that our product is fully road-legal, meeting all necessary standards and regulations.

Made in Britain, our Bumper Beam Mounting Kit comes with a robust 5-year warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and reliability. With quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can trust that your Ford Ranger will shine brighter than ever before.

Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting game with confidence—choose our Auxiliary Spotlight Installation for Ford Ranger and experience the difference firsthand.

What’s included:

  • x2 Bumper Beam Brackets
  • Fixtures

Kindly be aware that this kit is not compatible with vehicles equipped with ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control).

Please be informed that lights and wiring are available for purchase separately. (Note: A One-Lamp Harness Kit is included with the following lamps: Linear-18 Elite with i-LBA and Linear-18 Elite+.)

Installation Service

Our team of experts at CBS Automotive in Cambridge specializes in a wide array of automotive projects, including the integration of Lazer Lamps kits. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of automotive upgrades, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. With our personalized assistance, you can rest assured that your Lazer Lamps Integration Kit will be seamlessly installed, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. Don’t let installation challenges deter you from enhancing your vehicle’s capabilities – reach out to us today and let our expertise elevate your automotive experience. Don’t delay, contact us now to discover how we can transform your vision into reality!

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Bracket Options

None, Ford Range 2016+ Bumper Beam Fixing Kit

Lighting Options

None, Linear-18, Linear-18 Elite, Linear-18 Elite with Position Light, Linear-18 Elite i-LBA, Linear-18 Elite+

Wiring Options

None, Single-Lamp Wiring Kit (2 Pin, Superseal, 12V), Single-Lamp Wiring Kit (3 Pin, Superseal, 12V)


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